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GPO Topic Index
Code of Federal Regulations     
Reference and Tax
Nautical Books


LA Codes
LA Civil Law Treatise
Student Aides



New Releases
Best Sellers
Reference & Tax Books
Nautical Books
Genealogy Books
Country Studies
Louisiana Law Books  


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Your New Louisiana Ancestors Format

Volume 2, Number 28


By Damon Veach


Pictured above is Dr. Mann (center) along with several direct descendants of the initial Canary Island settlers.  (Photo furnished by Stephen Estopinal)


CANARY ISLANDERS:    Participants at the Canary Islanders Heritage Society meeting at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Saturday, September 11, 2010 enjoyed an informative and entertaining report by Dr. Rob Mann of LSU on his findings during the archaeological dig at Galveztown in Ascension Parish. This settlement was populated by Canary Islanders in 1778.   This is one of the most active societies in the state of Louisiana, and they are doing all they can to record and preserve their heritage.




GRA 2011 - Mitch Conover [] has provided a summary of what happened at the Louisiane-Acadie Friends and Partners Meeting held on August 28, 2010 at Le Centre International, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Here is a summary of this important meeting:


Board Members Present:


Ray Trahan - President  
Lucius Fontenot – Vice President
Peggy Matt – Secretary       
Loubert Trahan – Board Member                         
Elaine Clement – Board Member
Philippe Gustin – Board Member 

GRA Staff Present

Brenda Trahan - Grand Réveil Acadien 2011 Coordinator
Valerie Broussard – Grand Réveil Acadien 2011 Coordinator

 Board Member Absent – Randy Menard, Treasurer



1.  Ray Trahan, President of Louisiane-Acadie, welcomed the group and introduced the board and GRA-2011 Coordinators


2.  The mission of Louisiane-Acadie was read to the group – “Louisiane-Acadie is a non-profit organization that represents Acadians and Cajuns in Louisiana and encourages networking and increased connections between Louisiana organizations in order to promote a united voice and to better connect with all Acadian communities worldwide.”


3.  GRA-2011 Plans were reviewed

a. Official GRA- 2011 functions will be held on the following days

i.      Friday, October 7, 2011 – New Orleans

ii.     Sunday, October 9, 2011 – Houma

iii.    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 – Lake Charles

iv.    Thursday, October 13, 2011 – Lafayette

v.     Saturday, October 15, 2011 – Lafayette

vi.    Sunday, October 16, 2011 – Lafayette


b. Open days to showcase each area – host cities and cities in the surrounding areas are encouraged to plan their own events

i.      Saturday, October 8, 2011 – New Orleans

ii.     Monday, October 10, 2011 – Houma

iii.    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 – Lake Charles

iv.    Friday, October 14, 2011 – Lafayette


c. Family Reunions during GRA-2011

i.      Louisiane-Acadie will not organize the reunions, but will help promote them

ii.      Individual families will plan reunions

iii.     Suggestions will be given that smaller families may want to combine with others for one reunion

iv.      Families are requested not to plan reunions on any of the official GRA-2011 days because this would take people away from the official functions

v.      Family reunions could be held on the open days


4.  A total of 40 Friends and Partners attended this meeting. 


a. Friends and Partners introduced themselves and shared information with the group


b. Some announcements shared with the group were:

i.      Elaine Clement–CODOFIL; Louisiane-Acadie Board Member

   A series of forums are being held around the state about the French language

ii.      Lucius Fontenot – Valcour Records; Louisiane-Acadie Board      Member

   The town of Mamou will be having its Centennial    celebration in April 2011

                           iii.      David Cheramie – Director of CODOFIL

   By 2015 there will have to be French immersion in 22  parishes of LA

   The Lt. Governor, Warren Perrin and David will be attending a Francophone conference in Switzerland

 iv.      Warren Perrin – President of CODOFIL, Director of Acadian Museum in Erath, & local attorney

   The museum received a $15,000 grant from the History Channel

   The museum has acquired a very large and valuable painting of Evangeline

   BP Oil Disaster

a. Warren law firm has been retained to try to get BP funds for losses incurred by state museums

b.   Warren offered a suggestion that should some money become available, perhaps some of that could be used to erect the Acadian monument in New Orleans or other areas of the state

c.   A Canadian organization has offered to do a fundraiser for victims of the oil spill

    The proceeds from the sales of a book on the History of Vermilion Parish will go towards the support of the Museum

    DL Menard’s new Cajun CD will be nominated for a Grammy

    Living Legend Series continues at the museum

                v. Sandi Sagrera - owner of the tour   company,  Awesome Adventures

     Sandi wants to continue receiving info on the GRA

     She has a lot of contacts in Canada and hopes to bring together group tours for the event

     She is doing a trade show in Halifax in October and will help promote the event there. 

     Sandi is also attending the National Tour Association Marketplace in November in Montreal.  She will meet with tour operators from all over the U.S. and Canada.  She will help spread the word of the GRA.

               vi. T.J. Miller – Driver for LA Coaches – Company need itinerary suggestions for GRA

                vii. Redell Miller – City of Scott Tourism – Director of La Maison de Begnaud in Scott

     Begnaud House has French classes and a pot luck dinner on Tuesday nights

     Also host a Jam session on Friday evenings

     October 2, 2010 Hosting a Heritage Day

     Redell had a suggestion about a way to promote the GRA by putting the logo on Louisiana Coach buses.  She was told that this would be something the board would have to vote on

                 viii. Tom Wicker – Le Jumelage de la Ville de Scott

      Heritage Day on October 2 will include some of the following:

a. Paul Begnaud will be honored this year

b. There will be a Titimarre parade with Acadian families carrying family banners

c.  6 p.m. mass

d.  Crafts people will demonstrate and sell their crafts

                           ix. Pat Savoy – Savoy Family Association

         Every 2-5 years they have a large reunion

         Over 600 pp attend

         This family would like to have a reunion in conjunction with the GRA

                            x. Don Boudreaux – Boudreaux Family Association

         Nothing organized

         He is the genealogist for the family

                            xi.  Lea Ann LeJeune – Babineaux/Granger Family Association

         They would like to organize a family reunion during GRA

                             xii. Loubert Trahan – Louisiane-Acadie Board; CAFA Board Member

         CAFA still provides a scholarship to St. Anne University in Nova Scotia

         CAFA ‘s task will be to get all family organizations activated

         CAFA needs contacts for different families

                               xiii.  Erin Stickney – UL Student

         Would like to see film incorporated in GRA

                               xiv.  Amanda Lafleur – LSU – French Professor

         She is originally from Evangeline Parish and said that she could represent parishes like Evangeline Parish, St. Landry Parish and Avoyelles Parish, Acadian Parishes that feel disconnected

         She would really like to see these parishes more included

                               xv. Tico Soto – Southwest Louisiana/Lake Charles CVB

         Angie Istre-Manning is the representative from their CVB working with Louisiane-Acadie on the 2011 event

         Tico wanted to get up to date on the event – he realizes there is much work to be done

                                xvi. Michelle Minyard – An event planner

         Wants to be involved

                                xvii. Christophe Pilut – Alliance Francaise

         Wants to keep informed

                                 xviii. Corwin Broussard – Broussard Family Association

         Interested in having the Broussard family involved

                                  xix. Rocky McKeon – Houma area musician, Cajun/Acadian Activist

         Organizes French Tables in Houma area

         Very active in the community

                                   xx. Jean Frigault

         Working to organize small museums

         Wants these museums to be involved in GRA

         Because Jean is from Canada, he has been asked to be the person to get the FAFA families in Canada involved

                                    xxi. Ken Dugas – a Cajun ambassador wants to help as much as he can, but he does not have the time to be a committee chair.  He made a monetary donation to GRA.

                                    xxii. Valerie Broussard - Grand Réveil Acadien 2011 Coordinator

         She spent the entire summer in Canada promoting the GRA

         SNA is sending a delegation of 18-25 year olds to come to GRA in October of this year

         Le Centre International is giving a $5,000 to help with this

         GRA will include a Camp de Cajun at Acadian Village for youth

         Youth involvement is missing here, unlike Canada

                                   xxiii. Brenda Trahan

         Recapped some of the suggestions Barry Ancelet and others on the programming committee had for GRA programs

a. Exchanges between LA Cajuns and Acadians from the north

b.  I.E. – farmers, fishermen, Native Americans, crafts people, music, food, etc.

         Encourages other communities to plan their own events

         Brenda and Ray met with Sharon Alford last week about Houma’s role in GRA

         Sent sign-up sheets around the room for people to sign-up for various committees.




CENSUS RECORD:  Saint Gabriel Settlers, the 1777 Census of Iberville District in the Province of Louisiana is another excellent addition to genealogical files as recorded by Winston De Ville.  It is a soft-cover publication and available from Claitor’s Publishing.



This important document was copied from the original in the General Archives of the Indies, Seville, Spain.  De Ville provides the foreword, and James J. Pastorek gives a full introduction which explains why this document is so important to genealogical researchers.  It is also indexed.  Census records have always been extremely important, but this one really carries a lot of data on these early residents of Louisiana.  It is priced at only $13.50.




FREE SERVICE:  Correspondence to this column should be directed to Damon Veach, Cajuns, Creoles, Pirates and Planters, 709 Bungalow Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5337.  The e-mail address is  Queries and book reviews are printed as space permits, and you are encouraged to take advantage of this free service.  Claitor’s Publishing can serve as a distributor for self-published genealogy titles.  Go to their homepage for details on how you can obtain this excellent service.







Antoine Blanc,
by William L Greene $35.00



Acadians in Exile
by Rev. Donald Hebert


Louisiana Families
in Southeast Texas
by Rev. Donald Hebert


German Coast Families:
European Orgins and
Settlement in Colonial
by Albert J. Robichaux, Jr








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